You have a calling to serve
Christ and His church


The pre-seminary program at Trinity Christian College is designed with the flexibility to allow you to meet the entrance requirements of the seminary of your choice. This program prepares future Christian leaders to make a difference with their service.

Most seminaries require a strong liberal arts education and a background in Greek and a modern foreign language. As a pre-seminary studies student, you will select a major in one or more of the following areas of study: history, English, philosophy, communication arts, or psychology. {we don’t offer a sociology major, just a minor} It is also important that you give serious attention to language studies. Regardless of which major you choose, you will leave with a strong understanding of Greek as well as a modern foreign language.

With a Trinity education, you will discover and put into practice what it means to serve Christ and His church. At Trinity, you will have opportunities to learn, grow, and prepare for kingdom work. The small class sizes, access to a wide variety of churches and parachurch organizations, and an active campus ministry program provide an exciting environment for exploring God’s word.

The field education course, taken in your senior year, offers practical ways to apply your knowledge and skills. Trinity theology students serve churches and other Christian agencies in a variety of capacities. The diversity of communities in the Chicago area allows students to seek experience in a wide range of settings.

Ultimately, pre-seminary graduates will spend their time understanding God, Christianity, and what it means to be a Christian in today’s world, as well as how they are called to serve using their gifts and vocation.

Located just outside Chicago, Trinity students have access to a variety of exciting cultural, career, and social opportunities that can only be found in a major metropolitan area. If you’re ready to take the next step in your academic career, apply online today. To learn more about all Trinity has to offer, contact us to schedule a campus visit.