Social Work

Called to participate in the life of a community

The mission of the social work program at Trinity Christian College is to prepare community-centered generalist practitioners motivated by their callings to serve as Christ-like change agents committed to promoting human and community well-being.

A Trinity Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree prepares students to help change lives and communities emphasizing that:

  • community well-being is essential to a common good,
  • each community has gifts and assets, and
  • we are called to participate in the life of a community.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 13% employment growth rate for all social workers from 2019-29. This outpaces average employment estimates for other fields.

Trinity’s online adult undergraduate (AUG) Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program meets a critical need for adult learners.  The program allows:

  • Greater accessibility to a BSW degree for individuals who may otherwise not be able to engage with social work education due to various barriers such as work and family responsibilities.
  • An accelerated program serving adults aged 23 or older and designed to assist with adult learners’ degree completion.
  • Enables adult learners with 60 transferable credits to complete their bachelor’s degree within approximately 2 ½-3 years part-time, year-round.

Students who earn their BSW degree at Trinity Christian College are eligible to earn their MSW degree in 1-year through the advanced standing placement enrollment option at other higher education institutions with a Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Master of Social Work (MSW) degree program.

  • Do you have empathy for others and genuinely care about people?
  • Are you passionate about social justice issues and promoting social change?
  • Are you committed to working with and able to be open-minded, nonjudgmental, and culturally humble when working with people and communities of diverse backgrounds?
  • Are you able to engage in self-awareness and self-regulation for managing any biases and values when working with diverse clients and constituencies?
  • Are you willing and able to demonstrate a commitment to the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics?
  • Do you have or are you willing to develop the following skills for effective social work practice: leadership skills, communication skills, listening skills, teamwork skills, problem solving & decision-making skills, and networking skills?
  • Do you value and respect the strengths and assets of others and seek to partner with service recipients in social work fields of practice?
  • Are you committed to lifelong learning through continuous professional growth?

*Adapted from Ritter, J. & F. Ofahengaue, H. (2015). 101 careers in social work.  2nd Ed.). Springer Publishing Company, LLC.

*Adapted from Council on Social Work Education. (2015). Educational policy and accreditation standards. Council on Social Work Education

The following outlines requirements for adult learners interested in completing their Bachelor of Social Work degree online at Trinity:

Program Requirements:

  • Submission of all official transcripts from any higher education institutions previously attended
  • Minimum 2.5 Cumulative GPA
  • Minimum of a C (2.0) in social work courses and course requirements for the program
  • Completion of social work program application in conjunction with a social work course- SWK 310- Human Behavior and the Social Environment

Course Requirements:

The Online Adult Undergraduate (AUG) Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree program consists of the following course requirements:

    • Students who already have a minimum of 60 transferable credits will begin social work courses immediately.
    • Students with 45-59 transferable credits must first reach the 60 transferable credits prior to starting social work courses.

59 credits for the major

  • 44 credits of Social Work major courses earning a minimum of a C (2.0) that must be taken at Trinity and are not transferable
  • 15 credits of additional course requirements earning a minimum of a C (2.0) and can either be taken at Trinity or transferred in
    • COMM 105- Oral & Digital Communication (3)
    • MATH 151- Statistics (3)
    • PSYC 121- Introduction to Psychology (3)
    • SOC 121- Principles of Sociology (3)
    • SOC 246- Urban Sociology (3)

10 credits of Foundation courses that must be taken at Trinity and are not transferable

  • FDN 111- Transfer Orientation (1)
  • Chicago Connect (3) or Interdisciplinary Inquiry (3)
  • Philosophy 101- Philosophical Perspectives in Worldview (3)
  • Theology 131- Christian Scriptures (3)

**Students completing this program must have a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate with a BSW degree. Students with a previously earned bachelor’s degree from Trinity Christian College wanting to earn their BSW degree must follow the Subsequent Degree policy. Students with a previously earned bachelor’s degree from another institution wanting to earn their BSW degree at Trinity must complete all requirements for the BSW, including major and Foundations. The Department of Social Work does not give academic credit to students for life experience or previous work experience for social work courses or field education requirements.

  • Program orientation on campus at the beginning of program start– on-campus attendance not required with live stream option.
  • Fully online with a combination of both synchronous class sessions & asynchronous pedagogical formats in each social work course.
  • Social work courses will last 8-weeks, and students will take 1 course at a time.
  • Each 8-week social work course will have required synchronous class sessions for 2-hours, bi-weekly on Saturdays from 9:00 am-11:00 am CST.
    • Any additional course requirements for the program not already met prior to starting the program will be incorporated into a student’s mapped-out course sequence.
    • Scheduling (day of the week & time) of any additional course requirements and Foundations courses will be based on the schedule available by the sponsoring departments.

The part-time degree completion timeline will be individualized for each student varying in range of approximately 2 to 3+ years depending on transfer credits. The below course sequence sample is based on a fall start for social work courses. It includes a sample course sequence for students with 60 transfer credits and a sample course sequence for students with 45-59 transfer credits. They are both inclusive of Trinity’s Foundations course requirements for transfer students based on transferable credit hours. Students interested in starting at Trinity in the online adult BSW program in a spring semester or summer semester are able to take Foundations and/or additional course requirements for the social work program during those semesters as applicable. Social work course offerings for new adult social work students begins in the fall semester only.

Trinity’s online adult undergraduate (AUG) Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program is a high-touch program designed to foster a sense of community, hospitality, caring, and support to students. Trinity provides training and support for the various technology platforms to assist students. It is recommended that students are able to spend at least 10-15 hours per week for each 3-credit course. For courses with more credits, it is recommended to plan additional time for assignments.

How do you know if online learning is a good fit for you? Review the checklist below to find out.

  • I am independent, self-motivated, self-disciplined, and have good time management skills to plan and meet required deadlines.
  • I am comfortable with technology, especially web-based and internet technologies, and I am comfortable using a computer to perform regular tasks such as checking email, creating documents in Word, or creating PowerPoint presentations, etc.
  • I have access to a computer in a setting where I can concentrate with a functional camera & audio system for synchronous class sessions and with reliable, high speed Internet access.
  • I am comfortable communicating electronically through email, chat (such as during a Zoom videoconference), discussion boards, apps such as GroupMe, etc.
  • I am comfortable being an advocate and asking for help if needed as well as taking the initiative and contacting my professor with questions or concerns regarding courses.
  • I am aware that the flexibility and convenience inherent in many online courses does not mean the course will be easy, especially as the courses are accelerated at 8-week terms.


Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition is $572 per credit hour. The technology fee is $100 for each 16-week semester.  In addition, there is a $250 non-refundable deposit is required for newly accepted students.

Learn about financial aid and scholarship opportunities on our Financial Aid pages.

Application for Admission

For admissions to this program, visit our  Adult Undergraduate Admissions page.