Let’s move you forward.

The accelerated adult undergraduate programs at Trinity Christian College provide an ideal environment for adults who are returning to college to complete their degree or become a teacher. Trinity’s affordable tuition, accelerated classes, and evening format are specifically designed for adult students.


We understand that your life is filled with your family, work and other commitments. That is why our adult undergraduate program is made for you. Our classes meet just one night a week so you can complete your degree and gain a competitive edge in your career.


The accelerated classes range from 5 to 9 weeks in length, allowing you to concentrate on one class at a time so that you are able to complete your degree in approximately 2 years. The ESL/BE program, designed for licensed teachers, can be completed in just 1 year!


The adult undergraduate program will give you a sense of belonging and community. You progress through each class with the same core group of students, which fosters an interactive classroom environment helping to build a strong, supportive network that lasts past graduation. Class sizes are small, with no more than 20 students in each class.

Trinity Christian College is accredited by and is a member of The Higher Learning Commission (www.ncahlc.org or 800.621.7440). Trinity’s Education programs are accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education for elementary, middle grades, secondary and K-12 license.