So much to do.
Where will you begin?

College Student Life

Find your place

So much of your college experience is built on the answers to these questions: Where will you live? What will you eat? Who will you be doing life with? And what will you be doing? Within the campus life at Trinity, you’ll find a community full of life—organizations, groups built around passions, nonstop events. But it’s missing exactly one thing: you. Your place is here. Come make it yours.


We have live music performances, talent shows, dances, movie nights, and fun excursions to Chicago. There are dozens of different clubs to join... Whatever your interests, you’ll never be bored.


The rich campus ministry life at Trinity will round out your college life. Grow in your faith at our twice a week, voluntary Chapel Service and at Outcry, our weekly student-led worship service.

87% of freshmen live on campus

“Living on campus means you’re always 30 seconds from your friends and from any and all events that are happening.”

It’s easy to see why so many of our students choose to live on campus—the friends you’ll make, proximity to classes, and, unique to Trinity, the suite life: all residences include an en-suite bathroom.


Trinity has 12 sports programs for students to join or to cheer on. Our teams are affiliated with NAIA, NCCAA Div. I and CCAC.