FAQ: The Trinity Academic Experience (2020-2021) Archives

This section contains operations information about the college’s academic approach to Spring 2021.

Remote Academic Experience

  • Students who choose to learn remotely can expect four different types of classes, all of which are indicated on the regularly updated course page trnty.edu/registrar.
  • ONSYN courses are synchronous online courses that will meet via video at the time indicated on the schedule.
  • ONL courses are asynchronous online courses that do not have regularly set meeting time.
  • Courses designated HYB in the class schedule are in-person courses in which students will meet in person on some, but perhaps not all, scheduled course times with remote learning students engaging in real-time, via video. Faculty will communicate with students about the particular meeting dates.
  • All courses not designated ONSYN, ONL, or HYB will meet fully in person on campus with remote learning students engaging in real time, via video.
  • To support remote learning, all classrooms will have video cameras, microphones, and additional monitors to ensure that remote learning students can participate in the course over Teams or Zoom in real time through their video presence in the classroom.


All domestic students who selected remote learning and are living within the contiguous United States will be expected to synchronously join classes during their set meeting times.

For international students living abroad, accommodations will be made to account for time zone differences. Students will be able to engage in class through delayed recordings of class sessions or other appropriate methods, in partnership with instructing faculty. If you have questions about the means of engagement with a particular class, please reach out to your instructor.

Students participating in remote learning from a residence hall room (such as in the case of quarantine) will have access to a Trinity internet connection. Students participating in remote learning from off campus will be responsible to provide their own internet access.

In-Person Academic Experience

In most cases, in-person classes will feel like a normal semester, with the exception of safety modifications related to hygiene and social distancing. All classrooms will be arranged to ensure proper social distancing. Students and faculty will be masked at all times in classrooms. Cleaning materials will be provided in all learning spaces to allow spaces to be sanitized both before and after classes. The daily course schedule has been modified to allow for increased time between courses. Students learning remotely will have a video presence in classrooms and will participate along with in-person learners.

All rooms on campus now have capacity limits. Students, faculty, and staff will have space to observe social distance. We have adjusted the daily schedule to allow for 20 minutes between classes so that students will be able to wipe down their desk area upon leaving class and upon entering class. Trinity will supply cleaning supplies in all classrooms. Additionally, all members of the Trinity community are required to self-screen using #CampusClear each day. Students, faculty, and staff will be required to show their date-stamped green screen and wear their Trinity ID upon entry to buildings.

If you are in quarantine or are ill, you will become a remote learner until you are cleared by the Campus Health Coordinator. All students must screen daily using #CampusClear, and through the screening process, you will be supported by the COVID Care Team.

General Academics

When you register for courses, you are required to indicate your intent to be a remote learner or an in-person learner. We know that circumstances may change for you and that you may need to change your selection. Students will have until January 29, 2021 to change their preference. Students must select an option that applies to all of their classes. That is, you may not select remote for a portion of your classes and in-person for the other classes. After the January 29 deadline, students who have extenuating circumstances that require a switch should email the Dean of Student Life, studentlife@trnty.edu.

The revised academic calendar has now been published. Note that we do not have a spring break, but rather several break days throughout the semester. All classroom assignments are found in your academic schedule in your student portal.  Please check those locations the day before your classes begin, as those locations and formats are subject to change, based on a variety of factors.

The chair of your academic department will work with you to determine how you will interface with your internships, field experiences, nursing clinicals, and student teaching. Departments will ensure that you are meeting any state or licensure requirements while also tending to restrictions resulting from the coronavirus. Trinity is in regular contact with schools, hospitals, and other external partners and is working together to ensure that, so long as partner organizations retain their willingness to host our students, options are safe and well-supported. If a partner is unable to support your engagement with their organization, Trinity faculty and staff will work with you to ensure you meet licensure requirements.

The OLS will provide plans for accommodations such as exam proctoring and tutoring that observe social distancing guidelines. Some tutoring may move to remote, video tutoring. Exam proctoring will be provided in spaces suitable for the occupancy required.  Students with specific questions or concerns about their accommodation plans are invited to contact Laura Davalos, Director of the Office of Learning Services.