FAQ: Remote Students and Trinity Community (2020-2021) Archives

This section contains operations information about remote learning and college community during Spring 2021.

As was the case in the fall semester, all academic, social, and mental health support offered by the College will be available to remote students. This includes virtual access to the Office of Learning Services, Writing Center, and Huizenga Memorial Library; access to tele-counseling; and other student supports.

If you are not accessing campus please do not use #CampusClear. If you find you are ill, please communicate with your professors and reach out to studentlife@trnty.edu if you need further assistance.

For on-campus visits:
Please download #CampusClear and honestly self-screen every day. Do not leave your residence hall room or come to campus if you get a red screen. Then, Push hard on the “Red Screen Form” words on the Red Screen, fill out the linked form, and await COVID Care’s email response within the calendar day to provide you with next steps.