Alexander DeJong Center for Special Education

Welcome to the Alexander DeJong Center for Special Education—we are thrilled to have you here! The Center is a collaborative partnership between Trinity Christian College and Elim Christian Services, through which we are consistently looking to create new, innovative initiatives that propel both institutions forward. Through the creation of mutually beneficial programming, we have seen growth take place at both Trinity and Elim, specifically in the realm of special education.

As you look through our site, you will see that we have launched initiatives such as the “Bloom” program, which is an innovative pathway that assists Elim staff in working towards acquiring a bachelor’s degree through Trinity. The goal of this initiative is to provide staff with an accessible avenue to obtain their teaching licensure. Through programs such as this, our hope is that we can fulfill the needs of both organizations in a way that promotes mission-driven collaboration and the flourishing of those who support individuals with disabilities.

Vision Statement:

People of all abilities growing and thriving together in community.

Mission Statement:

The Center for SPED promotes the thriving of people of all abilities through collaborative activities that are mutually beneficial to the Elim and Trinity communities and contribute to the field of special education.

Guiding Principles:

  • Mission-driven – Because Elim and Trinity have similar missions as Christian institutions, the Center for SPED partnership will help both institutions achieve their missions better than they could do on their own through a faithful use of Center resources.
  • Collaborative Partnership – The Center for SPED operates as a collaborative partnership engaging in initiatives that are mutually beneficial, supporting one another as co-laborers in Christ.
  • Growth and Flourishing – The Center for SPED promotes the equipping and flourishing of individuals with disabilities and those supporting them.
  • Visibility and Contribution – The Center for SPED will serve as a model for collaboration, contributing to the field of special education through research, publication, and presentation.
Bloom Program logo

The Bloom program is an innovative, continuing education option for paraprofessionals currently employed at Elim Christian school taught by a Trinity Professor through the Center for Special Education. 

The program is designed to strengthen the collaborative partnership between Trinity and Elim, supporting one another as co-laborers in Christ, while contributing to the field of special education.    It is a chance for the Paraprofessionals to advance their career in the field of Special Education and apply what they are learning to the students they currently work with.

Meet the Directors

Richard (Xan) Nikchevich (Elim)

Xan Nikchevich
Elim Christian Services

“The partnership between Elim and Trinity not only assists in the growth of both organizations, but it is also essential to supporting staff and their development. Through the implementation of various initiatives, the Alexander DeJong Center for Special Education is having a tremendous impact on both staff and students at Elim and Trinity.”

Christine Scholma

Christine Scholma
Trinity Christian College

“The Bloom initiative represents the beautiful work that God can do when his people step toward a more full picture of what flourishing can look like in His Kingdom. Together, Elim and Trinity have paved a new pathway for paraprofessionals to develop their skills in supporting students with disabilities while achieving their goals of higher education and teacher licensure.”