Chapel Service - Speaker: Dr. Ben Ribbens

All are welcome to Trinity’s Chapel Services, where we sing, reflect, pray, and fellowship together in community.

Featured Speaker: Rev. Ben Ribbens, professor of theology


The vocabulary of Christian faith abounds with royal language. We call Jesus our “king.” We say that we live in the “kingdom of God.” These terms, however, are far from hollow sayings; they are deeply rooted in the Christian story, unfolding with growing precision throughout the pages of the Old and New Testaments.

Join us this semester as we trace the fulfillment of a promised ruler for God’s people—from King David to King Jesus. The stories of David’s kingdom are consistently marked by failure, disappointment, and tragedy as Israel attempts to rule their lives in the way that they want. But in Jesus the Messiah—the “root” from the line of David—we meet a king who fulfills God’s covenant promises to establish an everlasting kingdom. Our journey from 1 Samuel to the Gospels to Revelation will trace these roots and bring us to speak more profoundly about the hope and life that Christ offers each of us in God’s kingdom.

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