Chapel Service: Speaker - Rev. Ben Snoek

All are welcome to Trinity’s Chapel Services, where we sing, reflect, pray, and fellowship together in community on Fridays.

Featured Speaker: Rev. Ben Snoek, Campus Pastor


This semester in chapel, we will journey through the book of James under the theme of LIVING FAITH. All too often, we prefer to keep our faith compartmentalized, treating it as if it were one of the many lives that we live. We separate our spiritual life from our personal life, professional life, and social life. The book of James, however, teaches us otherwise. Indeed, all of our life is our spiritual life! James insists that the Christian faith is about more than believing the right things or having the right appearance—a living faith is one that is also practiced in real ways.

In our fall chapel series, we will walk through the wisdom of James and learn what it means to align our beliefs with our behaviors. We will stop along the way and include extended discussions of a few spiritual practices—Sabbath, spiritual friendship, discernment, and prayer—which were identified from our spring Spiritual Climate Survey as points which invite continued engagement.