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First Year Experience


We know you can’t wait to take full advantage of the academic, social, spiritual, and volunteer opportunities here on campus, across the Chicago area, and around the world. That’s why we’ve created the Office of the First Year Experience—dedicated to helping brand new Trolls transition to the College and learn about everything Trinity has to offer.

Unique to Trinity is our First Year Forum (FYF). Whether a freshman or transfer, every new student participates in FYF, which includes a one-credit course that begins before classes start in the fall. For freshmen, that’s FYF 101 and for transfers, it’s FYF 111.  This jump-starts your Trinity life, giving you the chance to meet fellow students, explore the campus, and get a move on college-level learning  immediately.

Commuter Students might be wondering what they need to pack for their 5-day stay:

  • Clothes for the week, including something to wear to church on Sunday, plus a few sets of extra clothes that you won’t mind getting messy or dirty or wet during activities throughout the week.
  • Toiletries for 5 days.
  • Any supplies you need to take an academic class – laptop if desired, but writing utensils and paper are necessary. Keep in mind that there are computers and printers available for all students to use in the library and residence halls.
  • No need to bring towels or sheets, as those will be provided for you!

We can’t wait to welcome you to campus and walk alongside you as you start college life. Ask questions. We love them! Or contact us directly at fyf@trnty.edu or 708.239.4853

FYF 101 is a unique course that includes off-campus travel and activities.  In order to ensure that all students can participate in all aspects of the course, please contact us if any physical or medical accommodations are required.  You may contact this office or Laura Davalos in the Office of Learning Services (708-239-4765).

Dedicated to your first year

We are dedicated to transitioning first year students to Trinity life—so dedicated that we’ve hired just the right people to launch you into your future. The First Year Experience staff know about life at Trinity, and they are here to answer any and all questions and to be sure all students can take advantage of the many opportunities available to them.

Emily Bosscher profile


Emily Bosscher

Director of First Year Experience


First Year Forum (FYF)

All First Year students take on a summer assignment as part of First Year Forum (FYF). Through this assignment and your week on campus during this one-credit FYF course, you will:

  • Be welcomed into a community of Christian scholarship.
  • Be introduced to our understanding of God’s work in the world.
  • Be challenged to view your educational life as service.

To get ready for FYF, all first year students are required to complete the Summer Assignment. We challenge you to engage and reflect on the assignment to prepare you for all aspects of your life at Trinity—academic, social, spiritual, and more.

    Through the summer assignment:

  • You engage in college-level reading and writing.
  • You reflect on the themes of community, faith, and service.
  • You receive feedback from your FYF mentors that helps guide you as a student.
  • You prepare for small group discussions that will take place during FYF.

To find the assignment: Log in to Moodle, Trinity’s course management system, using your Trinity login ID and password—the same ID and password you used to register for classes. Once you log in, follow the instructions. Note: you will not be able to login until you’ve officially registered for the FYF course.