More Grandparents Than Ever at Annual Event: Photogallery

Gordy and Bev GundyA record-breaking number of grandparents visited campus on Wednesday, April 18, for Grandparents’ Day.

Trinity welcomed 224 grandparents to the annual event, which included a morning of music, student addresses, worship, lunch, and campus tours.

Two families were recognized for both having four grandchildren currently attending Trinity. Gordy and Bev Gundy of Huntley, Illinois, are the grandparents of the Copeland brothers, Joshua ’12, Jacob ’13, Ben ’14, and Caleb ’14 of Arlington Heights, Illinois, and Elmer and Georgian Van Drunen of South Holland, Illinois, are the grandparents of Anna Gesch ’12 of Cedar Grove, Wisconsin; Karley Van Dyke ’12 of Kouts, Indiana; and Becky ’14 and Scott ’12 Vanderzee of Dyer, Indiana.

Georgian Van Drunen,  Anna Gesch ’12, Karley Van Dyke ’12, and Becky Vanderzee ’14 During the opening program, guests enjoyed a performance by the Brass Quintet and by Robert Cager ’14 of Homewood, Illinois, who sang “To God Be the Glory.” Cager was accompanied by Elvert Williams III ’14 of Freeport, Illinois.

Student speakers Tyler DeKoekkoek ’14 of Martin, Michigan; Alexa Dokter ’15 of Homer Glen, Illinois; and Jeannette Perez ’12 of Palos Hills, Illinois, shared what the influence of their grandparents has meant in their lives.

DeKoekkoek explained ways his grandparents have shown love with examples ranging from “sharing the Word to those in prison” to “overpaying a broke college student for easy chores.” In closing he said, “I learned what it takes to be a giving, caring, loving person because of what my grandparents did for me.”

Dokter shared her gratitude as well. “My grandparents taught both [my parents and me] the importance of surrounding yourself with a Christian community,” she said. “This Christian community that I now find myself in is due to my grandparents being convicted in what is right. I am so thankful that they have given me the support and guidance I needed to find the right college that provides me with the opportunity to grow in Christ and receive a good education.”

After thanking her grandparents for the roles they played in her life, Perez extended her thanks to all the grandparents in attendance. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do and have done for your grandchildren,” she said. “It does truly mean a lot to have you all here today to share this special day honoring you.”

Following the program, students joined their grandparents for chapel and a message by Residence Director Caitlin Fillmore ’09 titled “Of Greater Worth than Gold.” A performance by the Concert Choir and Honors Ensemble, directed by Professor of Music Helen Van Wyck, Ph.D., preceded a wonderful lunch served by Creative Dining Services.

“I enjoyed chasing down fellow grandparents, professors, and other staff so that my grandparents could catch up with all of them,” said Kaitlin Feddema ’14 of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her grandparents Roger and Joan Sikkenga came from Fremont, Michigan, for the event.

Sophomore Brooke Wigboldy of Tinley Park, Illinois, said her grandparents Ralph and Hermina Wigboldy of Orland Park, Illinois, were attending for the first time. “I enjoyed worshipping with them during chapel,” said Wigboldy. “I was also glad to be able to show them my dorm room and a little bit about where I live.”

Richard and Doris Dina of Chicago and Vince Ciametti of Hickory Hills, Illinois, enjoyed the morning with granddaughter Gina Ciametti ’13 also of Hickory Hills. “My grandparents are prime reminders of how I should act, love, and live within my Christian community,” said Ciametti. “I can only hope one day to be just as wonderful as they are. I enjoyed everything about Grandparents’ Day and can’t wait for 2013.”

To view the photogallery of this year’s Grandparents’ Day, click here.