Students Compete for “Mr. Troll” Title in Spoof Pageant: Photogallery

Mr. Troll 2012: PhotogalleryTrinity recently held the annual “Mr. Troll,” a spoof pageant competition for male students.

Participants are scored by a panel of judges in categories such as creativity, effort, originality, sportsmanship, and personality.

“We wanted the show to eliminate all the traditionally objectifying and superficial aspects of pageant shows and focus on providing a fun, family-friendly, entertaining show for Trinity students,” said Residence Director Kara VanMarion, who helped organize the event.

This year’s six contestants competed in four different areas beginning with two catwalk competitions. First, contestants displayed their formal attire, then their own unique style in lumberjack, nurse, and Batman apparel.

The contest continued with a “mystery task,” where contestants popped balloons and football hiked toilet paper rolls into a plastic bin. This was followed by the talent portion, which included an interpretive dance, guitar playing, and scarf knitting.

“The Mr. Troll pageant was such an amazing experience,” said Tyler DeKoekKoek ’14 of Martin, Michigan, who won first place and credited this to shaving his long beard between portions of the competition. “There is no doubt that if I would not have shaved my beard I would not have been the winner.”

The pageant also included spoof “commercials” by Trinity’s improv team and Tibstra Hall Council.

This year’s competitors:

Tyler DeKoekKoek ’14 of Martin, Michigan—First Place
Luke Monsma ’14 of Denver, Colorado—Second Place
Caleb Copeland ’14 of Arlington Heights, Illinois—Crowd Favorite
Mark Davis ’14 of Palos Heights, Illinois
Steven Martinez ’13 of Chicago, Illinois
Christopher Steinke ’14 of Glendale Heights, Illinois