Noble High School Students Set Off on College Quest


College QuestEleven students from Noble charter schools in Chicago participated in Trinity’s inaugural College Quest program July 15 through August 3. During the three-week residential learning experience, the soon-to-be high school juniors earned three college credits in political science and got a taste of life on campus.

Noble is composed of a network of high quality public high schools located in Chicago’s communities of greatest need and serving 6,500 students.

Much of the students’ day was spent in class, receiving academic coaching, and completing homework for the accelerated course, the equivalent of one week of classes per day. Other activities included a service trip to Feed My Starving Children, dinner with President Timmermans, and free time for bowling, sand volleyball, shopping, and a bonfire on campus.

The program was overseen by John Sianghio, assistant professor of political science, and Lisa Kuiper, coordinator of student support services. Trinity students Gina Ciametti ’13 and Samuel Lankah ’13 served as resident assistants.

Ciametti said she applied the skills she learned as a student director in Trinity’s First Year Forum (FYF) in her RA role. “I saw my hard work executed by their hard work,” she said, “I’m thankful to have been a Trinity ambassador.”

She also witnessed how College Quest provided a great pre-college experience as students learned to manage their time and workload and work with a professor.

Lankah, multicultural committee chair, said he and Ciametti became “substitute older sister and brother” as they guided, taught, and interacted with their “younger siblings.”

“I am elated to have served such a diverse, smart, and animated group of students,” said Lankah. “A thrill for me was seeing the students’ faces light up when they were having fun but learning at the same time. It is a great experience to get a young men and women excited about going to college.

On Friday, August 3, the program ended with a celebration in the Grand Lobby and recognition of the achievement of the College Quest students.

“In addition to earning college credit, their success took the form of seeing college in a positive light and making new friends,” said Ciametti.