Prayers Said Over Nursing Students Before Next Step

NursesEvery year, Trinity’s nursing faculty and senior nursing students encircle the newest members of the College’s nursing program. They place their hands on them as they are blessed and welcomed into the next step of their education—their first professional clinical.

Trinity’s nursing department celebrated this annual Commitment to Caring Ceremony on Monday, October 1. Dr. Bill Van Groningen, chaplain, blessed the hands of junior nursing students as they prepared for their first interactions with patients.

“Jesus knew the power of touch and used it to bring healing and hope, especially to those suffering from disease and social exclusion,” said Van Groningen. “For these reasons, before our student nurses head out into the hospitals, we take time to offer a blessing on their hands.”

Dr. Joyce Azzaline, acting chair and associate professor of nursing, welcomed students and professors to the event along with Brian Beenes ’13 of Oak Forest, Illinois, and Shannon Ferko ’13 of Chicago, Illinois, president and vice president, respectively, of Trinity’s Nursing Student Organization.

As the event’s guest speaker, nursing graduate Mindy Beenes ’06 shared her experiences as a professional nurse. Beenes told stories of her first clinicals and how they helped her prepare for her job today as a labor and delivery nurse.

“As you start your clinical rotations, remember that clinical is the time to gain as much knowledge and experience as you can,” she said. “The more often that you do something, the more confident you will feel.”

Anna Hofman ’14 of Waupun, Wisconsin, appreciated the sense of support the ceremony provided.

“It was a reassuring feeling that there were so many people there supporting our journey in becoming nurses,” said Hofman. “It made me realize that with hard work and God on our side we are able to do anything.”

The Blessing:

Father in heaven, bless these hands we pray. Anoint these hands with your mercy and grace so that your healing touch will be extended through their touch. May each person who receives care by the touch of these hands experience the compassion that flows from your suffering, saving love, the comfort of your healing presence, and the competence and commitment of spirit filled, conscientious care givers. We pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.