Theology Professors Publish Papers on Philosophers and the Godhead

Thianto and StarkenburgDr. Keith Starkenburg published “What the Apostles Will Let Us Get Away with Saying” in Rorty and the Religious, Christian Engagements with a Secular Philosopher. The other essays in this volume enter into meaningful conversation with this secular thinker who died in 2007.

Starkenburg’s essay focuses on Alvin Plantinga, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at the University of Notre Dame, and his criticism of Rorty. But “Rorty has more to say than Plantinga recognized,” said Starkenburg, who outlines Plantinga’s views and what role Rorty plays in that dialogue.

Dr. Yudha Thianto, professor of theology, published “The Formula of Baptism and the Equality of the Godhead: Joseph Bingham (1668-1723) and the Trinitarian Controversy in Late-Stuart England” in The New Evangelical Subordinationism?: Perspectives on the Equality of God the Father and God the Son inAugust 2012.

The volume is a collection of 16 essays that speak to both sides of the discussion about equality and subordination in the Holy Trinity. The main issue highlighted in this collection of essays is whether and in what sense the Son of God might eternally submit to the Father’s will.

Thianto explores history rather than taking a position in his essay by discussing the Trinitarian theology of 18th century Anglican minister and church historian Joseph Bingham. In his study of Bingham, Thianto provides some insights that in Bingham one can find both sides of the argument over the Son’s eternal status vis-a-vis the Father.