Perez Named College’s 27th Lincoln Laureate

Lincoln Laureate PerezAdam Perez ’13 of Racine, Wisconsin, has been named Trinity’s 27th Lincoln Laureate by the Lincoln Academy of Illinois. He was recently honored at the annual Student Laureate Convocation in Springfield.

The Student Laureate Award recognizes excellence in curricular and extracurricular activities and honors senior students from each of Illinois’ four-year, degree granting colleges and universities.

Perez, a music education major with minors in theology and church music, has shown his commitment to the College’s community throughout his time here. He served as a Resident Assistant (RA) in Tibstra Hall and is currently an RA at Trinity’s off-campus apartments, where he has also served as a summer RA.

Along with this, Perez worked as a tutor in the College’s music department and a student mentor to first year students for two years. Perez’s years as a mentor have included some of his favorite experiences at Trinity.

“Getting to be sort of a mother goose for a few intense days and then helping guide students through their first year experience is a huge strength of the College,” Perez said. “It is so important that we have student leaders who introduce new students to the postures and peculiarities of our wonderful Troll-culture.”

Perez also participates in a large number of extra and co-curricular activities including concert choir, honors ensemble, jazz band, wind ensemble, and brass quintet. He is one of three leaders of Outcry, the student-led worship. His work as a member of the Honor’s Program has also given Perez the opportunity to grow.

Outside of Trinity, Perez has done teacher aiding in various schools as part of his music education curriculum and has led worship at several local churches.

Overall, Perez has tried to get the most out of his Trinity experience. He plans to graduate in May with 184 credits after five years at the College. Part of his work includes voluntary independent studies with Dr. Mark Peters, professor of music.

“[Peters] has encouraged me to pursue the things I am interested in educationally, even if they are not part of the core curriculum,” Perez said. “Liberal arts doesn’t necessarily mean just a broad range of subjects, but as Ginny Carpenter,  vice president for student development, says, also a liberal, hefty serving of them; a full plate, if you will.”

One project Perez collaborated on with Peters, “Music, Theology, and Christian Worship: A Study of Hillsong” made him the first music education major to receive Trinity’s VanderVelde Junior Scholar Award. Perez also received the Don Sinnema Research Scholarship Award from the theology department for his project, “Time and Eternity in Brahms’s Requiem,” with Dr. Yudha Thianto, professor of theology, as his faculty mentor.

Perez plans to apply for graduate schools in liturgical studies or music. He is also considering teaching as he will soon be a certified music teacher in Illinois.

“I would more than love to spend the next few years with middle or high school music students,” Perez said. “It isn’t really a question of which I’d rather do because both sound great.”

At the convocation, Perez received a Student Laureate Medallion, accompanied by an honorarium check and certificate of achievement.

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