Business Students Gain Global Perspective at Marketplace Revolution


Partners Business

Business. Dignity. Ending poverty.

This was the focus of the Partners Worldwide Marketplace Revolution conference in November. Over the course of two days, eight junior and senior business students attended several group sessions and workshops to learn about the work of Christian business people around the world.

The conference, held at Willow Creek Church in South Barrington, Illinois, brought together professionals, business people, international workers, university students, and church leaders from more than 20 different countries. Dr. Lynn White and Professor Todd Barre, professors of business accompanied the Trinity students.

“Being a business major, I was thankful to have this opportunity where my faith is intentionally strengthened in light of the business world,” said Sarah Jongetjes ’14 of Delavan, Wisconsin. “I felt encouraged about my faith and my future profession at the conference’s completion. One speaker even pointed out that for some Christians, their mission field is the business field.”

Being a business major, I was thankful to have this opportunity where my faith is intentionally strengthened…” Sarah Jongetjes ’14

The attendance of the students and their professors was made possible by the Vander Laan Business Connections Grant, which has also provided White with opportunities to travel to Ghana and Malawi to teach financial literacy workshops to people from various businesses, ranging from farming to garment manufacturing.

Craig Kallemeyn ’13 of Alsip, Illinois, said the conference helped prepare him for his future in business.

“When business is used as a tool, it places a secondary emphasis on the business. This creates a mediocre business at best and a mission tool that reaches few people,” he said. “When a business is built to its full potential, it has the ability to transform lives of its employees, their families, and those in the surrounding community. This is a much more powerful way to perform Christ’s work through business.”

Some of the conference speakers included Bill Moore, owner of PacMoore Products; David Daniels, a representative from Chick-fil-A; and Alex Forrester, co-founder and CEO of Rising Tide Capital.