10th Annual Black History Month Lecture

Trinity recently held its 10th annual public lecture in honor of Black History Month, and welcomed Dr. Emmett Price III, professor of music at Northeastern University in Massachusetts. Tying together the themes of music and history, Price spoke on “The Power of Black Music: From Spirituals to Hip Hop.”

History students enjoyed music-focused lessons earlier in the day when Price visited classrooms to perform selections spanning several cultural eras in Black history. He also discussed how music’s function in society changes over time.

Nicole Ferreria ’13 of Orland Park, Illinois, said, “In my History of Chicago class, Dr. Price talked about how music is now used when we work out or when we study. It becomes background music, but in the past it was conversation…it was used to say things that we normally couldn’t.”

Creating a link between culture and music allows history to be studied in a unique way. During his lecture in the Grand Lobby, Price reminded the audience that music reflects the culture of those who create it. Students gained insight into the history of African American culture discovering how Black music has evolved throughout this country’s history.