Trinity Scholars’ Dinner Celebrates Student-Faculty Research: Photogallery

View PhotogalleryTrinity’s Honors Society Committee recently hosted the 3rd annual Trinity Scholars’ Dinner, celebrating the work of both the Vander Velde Scholars and senior students in the Honors Program. Student research projects were showcased in a gallery for fellow students, faculty, and alumni to view.

Dr. Laura Zumdahl ’02, vice president of Nonprofit Services at Donors Forum, delivered the keynote address and was honored with the Outstanding Alumna Research Award. The award recognizes a graduate who has demonstrated faithful service, outstanding scholarship, and successful research, as well as a collaborative partnership with a professor. Dr. Brad Breems, professor of sociology, mentored Zumdahl during her time as an undergraduate, helping her to see the importance of scholarship.

You’ll find ways to be a scholar in your work–whatever that may be.
Dr. Laura Zumdahl ’02

In her address, Zumdahl described her scholarly journey, which included earning her bachelor’s degree in sociology from Trinity. She went on to earn an M.A. in social work from the University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration, and a Ph.D. in leadership from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee.

Zumdahl valued her time at Trinity and said that the strong academic program and the long-lasting friendships she made changed, and still affect, her life. She encouraged students to connect the skills acquired in college to their eventual vocation.

“We live lives of service and gratitude in response to the gift of salvation,” said Zumdahl. “And when you are given those skills and you open your eyes, you’ll find ways to be a scholar in your work–whatever that may be.”

The event was sponsored by the Honors Committee and the Alumni Office.

                2012-2013 Student researchers, faculty mentors, and projects include:

Kathryn Andringa ’14 of Sheboygan, Wisconsin

“Someday My Prince Will Come”: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Gender in Disney Princess Films
Mentor–Dr. Bethany Keeley-Jonker, assistant professor of communication arts

Andrew Blok ’14 of Lynden, Washington

Entering the World in Adolescent Fiction: Discovering the Magic in Adolescent Novels
Mentor–Dr. Bill Boerman-Cornell, associate professor of education

Kaitlyn Fondrk ’13 of Belvidere, Illinois

How to Grow a Group: Looking at Leadership within the Lake Katherine Consulting Project
Mentor–Dr. Lynn Spellman White, professor of accounting

Kevin Hahn ’13 of Cedar Lake, Indiana

Organizational Consulting: The Worth Public Library District
Mentor–Dr. Richard Hamilton, assistant professor of business

Adam Perez ’12 of Racine, Wisconsin

Time and Eternity in Brahms’ Requiem
Mentor–Dr. Yudha Thianto, professor of theology

Lindsay Slager ’13 of Oak Forest, Illinois

Special Education: Inclusion versus a Self-Contained Classroom
Mentor–Dr. Pete Post, assistant professor of education

Hannah Van Beek ’13 of Pella, Iowa

The Anti-Proliferative Effects of Vitamin D on Breast Cancer Cells
Mentor–Dr. Clayton Carlson, assistant professor of biology

Alissa Vander Wilt ’13 of Fort Collins, Colorado

What Are We Doing? A Look at the Effects of Short-Term Medical Mission Trips to Latin America
Mentor–Professor Lorinda Lindemulder, assistant professor of nursing