GasBuddy Analyst on Gas Prices at TBN Event: Photos/Video

View PhotogalleryWhy do gas prices fluctuate so dramatically? What factors drive gas prices?

Most important, how do consumers make informed purchasing decisions?

Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for, answered these questions and others for guests at the Trinity Business Network event on April 11. The event was also viewed via first-time simulcast to guests gathering at the Hyatt Place Grand Rapids South in Michigan.

GasBuddy websites gather prices by a network of volunteer gas price spotters in each area throughout the country. DeHaan said the company estimates that it saves motorists $1.5 billion per year in gas costs.

Listing the many factors that affect differences and fluctuations in gas prices, DeHaan’s forecast for the near future is that consumers will not see record prices as domestic oil production remains healthy and demand weak.

DeHaan also recounted his journey from building Lego gas stations as a child to forecasting gasoline prices at GasBuddy beginning in 2009 as well as appearing on shows such as NBC’s TODAY Show, ABC World News, Fox Business, and CBS Evening News, among others.

Of his “unconventional” work, DeHaan said he is called to do it,” pointing out that although people can’t chart their lives, they can have faith that God will put them to work in a role in which they are needed.

Learn more about and download the GasBuddy app for your smartphone. The app is an excellent source for low gas prices in your area, and it is currently available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone users.

Click here to view the full one-hour presentation by DeHaan.

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