Students Showcase Work at OPUS 2013: Photogallery

On Tuesday, April 23, faculty became learners and students became teachers as the Trinity community gathered to enjoy OPUS, a campus-wide academic celebration sponsored by Trinity’s Academic Initiative. During this year’s OPUS, over 70 students presented on a variety of topics to audiences of students, faculty, and staff. Throughout the afternoon, attendees also enjoyed performances by the winners of the writing, music, and oral performance competitions.

View PhotogalleryThe day ended with a luau-themed dinner and a closing ceremony, where OPUS committee members raffled off prizes, winners were announced, and top acts performed.

While many students enjoy OPUS by listening and learning from their peers, some students value the chance to display papers, presentations, long-term research projects, and Interim discussions.

Ethan Holmes ’15, a transfer sophomore student, experienced OPUS for the first time this year.

“During the end of the semester rush, it was nice to relax and enjoy presentations from other students. I especially enjoyed hearing presentations from other departments and seeing professors’ reactions and hearing their questions about the work we had all done.”

Holmes performed an original oratory during the closing ceremony, which had earned him first place in the oral interpretation competition. “I valued the opportunity to share my work with my peers and teachers. It’s an amazing experience to present something very personal and God-centered to a group of people who share many of my beliefs and support my work.”

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2013 Committee Members


Dr. Mark Jones, Chairperson
Dr. John Sebestyen
Dr. Pete Post ’74
Prof. John Bakker
Dr. Mackenzi Huyser ’97
Dr. Mary Lynn Colosimo
Prof. Sue Buechele
Dr. Mauricio Nava-Delgado
Prof. Ellen Browning



Fred Walls ’16
Cassandra Martinez ’15
Allison Wier ’13
Matt Wydra ’15



Art and Design

Best of Show

Identity– Justin Coconato           


Graphic Design

First Place: Harold and the Purple Crayon– Hannah Snow            

Second Place: FYF 2012– Kaleb Dean   

Third Place: Herba– Danielle Truckenmiller


Print and Photo

First Place: Barrio– Yasmin Fernandez 

Second Place: Rags to Riches #1– Heather VanSant

Third Place: Glow– Emily Denning      


Painting, Drawing and Mixed Media

First Place: “Selfy”- Jonathan Engbers                   

Second Place: Feel the Mark– Kaleb Dean

Second Place: Open Nude Figure– Landon Lawrence

 Third Place: Structure & Texture, Elements & Complexes, Complexes & Construction – Paul Cook              



First Place: Trail Installation- Liz Muhammad   

Second Place: Reaction to Public Art -Karl Gesch & Kevin Johnson 

Third Place: Vase- Brielle Visser


Musical Performance 


First Place: Brittany Homan

Second Place: Mekayla Knol

Third Place: Haley Zandstra


Instrumental Ensemble

First Place: Alexander Salto and Adam Perez


Instrumental Solo

Honorable Mention: Cassandra Nelson


Vocal solo

First Place: Kristen Blok

Second Place: Da’Maris King

Third Place: Kristen Folkertsma

Honorable Mention: Adam Perez



Oral Interpretation

Original Oratory 

First Place: Ethan Holmes

Second Place: Ranesha McGee


Dramatic Interpretation

First Place: Brooke Wigboldy and Fred Walls

Second Place: Cait Williams and Da’Maris King

Third Place: Esther Sullivan



First Place: Christopher DeWaard

Second Place: Nick Fiala

Third Place: Michael Kunnen



 First Place: Michael Kunnen


Poetry and Essay

First Place: “When I Come Back”- Sara Henreckson

Second Place: “Shooting Stars”- Sara Henreckson

Third Place: “The Fall”- Melissa Conrad

First Place: “A Baptism”- Heather Scholten

Second Place: “A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words”- Holli Moote

Third Place: “Gardner, Kohn, Engbers”- Jonathan Engbers



First Place: ‘The Boy and the Dog”- Andrew Blok

Second Place: “Drowned” – Sara Henreckson

Third Place: Untitled – Haley Zandstra


$150 Tuition Remission Winners

Anna Hofman ’14
Eric Los ’16
Lucas Hawley ’16
Jessica Gabrielse ’16
Landon Lawrence ’15