Vander Velde Scholarship Winners 2013-14

Vander Velde Scholarship Winners 2013-14

(l-r) Ethan Holmes ’16, Kiera Dunaway ’14, Calob Lostutter ’13, Alexa Dokter ’15, and Chadd Huizenga ’15


Throughout the month of March, some of Trinity’s most academically ambitious students prepared their applications for the Maurice Vander Velde Junior Scholarship Awards. The scholarship supports outstanding junior or senior students in collaborative research with a Trinity professor in their chosen disciplines. 

The Honors Committee deliberated on which projects to choose and announced the winners on May 2.

• Calob Lostutter ’13, who with Dr. Tom Roose will be studying metabolic speciation in an aquaponic system.

• Kiera Dunaway ’14, who with Dr. Clay Carlson will research the effects of bisphenol A on arabidopsis thaliana.

• Alexa Dokter ’15, who with Dr. Dave Klandermann will explore “Higher Dimensionality in Literature Interpreted through Geometry.”

• Ethan Holmes ’16, who with Dr. Michael VanderWeele, will be studying the interaction of the sonnet form and social experience on our campus.

• Chadd Huizenga ’15, who with Professor Emily Thomassen will be studying the relation between the worship of Yahweh and other deities of the ancient Near East.

The winners will work with their professors as colleagues, rather than assistants, with the expectation of producing a professional level presentation or publication.