Connecting with the University of Mkar


Visitors from University of Mkar and Trinity staffTrinity Christian College hosted representatives from the University of Mkar in Nigeria on Tuesday, June 25, with a goal to establish a partnership with the university as an international sister-school.

The hope is to eventually participate in a student exchange program or a study abroad opportunity that would enrich the lives of students culturally, spiritually, and academically, according to Trinity’s Office of Ethnic Diversity.

Guests from the university included Dr. Emmanuel H. Agba, vice chancellor, Professor Joseph Antyo, and Abe Vreeke. Welcoming them to campus were Dr. Liz Rudenga, provost; Professor Don Woo, dean for ethnic diversity and multicultural programs; Ginny Carpenter, dean of student engagement and international services; Dr. Thomas Roose, associate professor of physics and science education; and Trinity student Alyssa Slinkman ’15 of Orland Park, Illinois.

In addition to the work of exploring a partnership, those involved also enjoyed a time of Christian fellowship and sharing of cultures.