Eight Summer-End Tips for Trinity Freshmen


The summer before the first year of college is exciting…and stressful. Trinity offers these tips to help students make the most of the last weeks of summer and transition into college life.

Tip 1: Take a deep breath. Yes, starting college is a big change. Get in the habit of learning to relax your mind through prayer, journaling, or scheduled quiet time. Continue this habit as you enter a busy and exciting college life. The Ozinga Chapel, wooded Trinity Trail, and the comfy couch in front of the Bootsma Café fireplace are favorite spots for relaxation and renewal.

Tip 2: Get organized. Lots of positive experiences await you, so start using that phone calendar and learning to be a good steward of your time. Trinity freshmen spend a lot of their day in class and studying but also make time for nurturing new friendships, growing in their faith at chapel and Outcry, and volunteering to serve others.

Tip 3: Make plans in advance for visits with family and friends from home. One of the biggest challenges for college freshmen is being apart from loved ones. Even if you live close to campus, you may choose to move into residence halls rather than commute. Scheduling visits ahead of time gives you, and your loved ones, times to look forward to throughout the week and the semester.

Tip 4: Stay healthy. Exercise not only keeps your body healthy, it helps maintain mental and emotional health, too. That’s important with all the life changes—and studying—you’ll be doing. Activities that relieve stress while strengthening the body include Zumba, yoga, intramural sports, and regular workouts. Trinity’s new fitness center will be open to students this fall and provide spaces for cardiovascular conditioning, weight lifting, and even “rock” climbing on the climbing wall.

Tip 5: Don’t bring the kitchen sink. Talk to your roommates about what each of you is planning to bring and what you might possibly share. And be aware of what your college permits; for instance, most colleges don’t allow microwaves or other small appliances in dorm rooms. Being located in the suburbs and close to Chicago gives Trinity students tons of opportunities to shop for what they need throughout the semester.

Tip 6: Budget for the extras. Despite the activities and amenities on campus, you may decide to check out local shopping, restaurants, and movie theaters. Chicago is a favorite place for many Trinity students who enjoy the city’s lakefront, dining, museums, theaters, and sporting events.

Tip 7: Look for a job early. If you’re planning to get a part-time job, keep an eye on your Trinity’s student worker postings, so you can apply as soon as possible. Students have a variety of choices for employment in computer services, administration, and food service. Many students also find work at nearby businesses.

Tip 8: Engage in social media. Facebook and Twitter are great ways to stay connected with Trinity, future roommates, and fellow Class of 2017ers during the summer. Trinity’s official Facebook page is a great place to see what’s happening on campus, ask questions, and talk with fellow freshmen, current students, and others from the Trinity community.  

We hope these tips help you get ready for the first day of class on August 28. If you have any questions before you arrive, call the Student Development office at 708.239.4704. We’re looking forward to seeing you on campus!