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 Students came back to some changes on campus when they returned for the fall 2013 semester.

The College was hard at work over the summer to make improvements to the grounds, common buildings, and residence halls in addition to finishing and equipping the gymnasium expansion and renovation.


So what’s new on campus?

Phase 2 Gymnasium Expansion—The DeVos Athletics and Recreation Center has been completed! Final construction and renovation included refinishing the Mitchell Memorial gym floor and adding new equipment; furnishing classrooms; installing flooring, exercise equipment, and a bouldering wall in the fitness center; and adding exterior landscaping.

“The new facility is gorgeous,” said Student Association President Nate Tameling ’14 of Burr Ridge, Illinois. “You feel like you’re working out in a facility that you would have to pay hundreds of dollars a year for to have a similar experience. I think it is also encouraging students who typically don’t work out. This will be a huge bonus to athletics.”

Entrance Road
—Now that construction is finished on the athletics and recreation facility, the road from Rt. 83 has been widened and repaved, providing a welcoming entrance onto campus.

Entrance Road

George and June Schaaf Athletics Complex—
Development continues on the Rt. 83 athletics fields progress made over the summer on the baseball and softball fields.

Athletics Complex

Tibstra Hall
–This residence hall saw major improvements! To accommodate upper class students, all suites on the 2nd and 3rd floors have been remodeled and full-sized kitchens installed. Each kitchen is equipped with cabinets, a full-sized oven and refrigerator, a new kitchen sink, and a new microwave.  Kitchens were also updated with paint, lighting, and flooring. Bathtubs were removed in all the suites, and new showers, valves, plumbing, and enclosures were installed. The suites were also furnished with new living room and bedroom furniture. The main lobby area has a new front desk with display cases, new furniture, and a new television. The east end floor lounges were equipped with computer work stations and new furniture. The west end floor lounges have new furniture and televisions. All of the lounge areas were updated with paint, carpet, and lighting. A new Life Safety Fire Alarm system was installed in the dorm. 


West Hall
–Students looking for a place to relax will enjoy the new furniture and television in the basement lounge, which was also updated with carpet, paint, and lighting. Additionally, a private computer room and an office for the Residence Director were constructed. The second floor lobby has new furniture and a new television. 


West Hall

South Hall–The former Student Association room in the lower level has been remodeled with air conditioning, lighting, carpet, paint, kitchen cabinets and sink, tile, and a new television and furniture. All four lounges in the dorm were remodeled.

South Hall

South Hall

Jennie Huizenga Memorial Library—Students heading into the library to study will find freshly painted walls and new carpeting in the common areas of the first and second floors (including the Board Room).



Dining Hall–Students in line for their meals in the Dining Hall will notice new lighting and beautiful tile work in the serving area. 

Dining Hall

Molenhouse Student Center–Looking for Student Programs? You can find them in their new office where the previous cubicles were located outside the Cooper Center.


Art and Communication Center—The temporary lot south of the ARCC now provides a fenced grassy area for students to construct and display their work.


Campus grounds—New flowers and shrubs brightened up the landscaping, adding to Trinity’s already beautiful campus.

Campus Grounds

Bootsma Bookstore Café—Thanks to the efforts of Student Association, students will now enjoy evenings around the permanent fire pit.

Administration Building–New carpeting and lighting spruced up the staircases as well as the hallway leading to the Dining Hall.

The College hopes that students are enjoying these many changes, and the updates to the campus enrich their Trinity experience!