Live WYLL Broadcast on Campus Features Students


View PhotogalleryAs part of its fall tour, Chicago’s Christian talk radio station WYLL 1160 AM visited campus on October 10 in the Art and Communication Center. On air personality Karl Clauson interviewed students and professors during the two-hour program about their Trinity experiences and the benefits of a Trinity education.

Clauson led lively discussions with President Steve Timmermans, Ph.D.; Professor of Art and Design John Bakker; Dr. Lori Scrementi, dean for Adult Studies and Graduate Programs; Student Association President Nate Tameling of Burr Ridge, Illinois; senior Brooke Wigboldy of Tinley Park, Illinois; and sophomore Halie Wisse of Oostburg, Wisconsin.

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While Timmermans and colleagues shared the strengths of the academic programs and the College’s initiatives to extend learning through resources and partnerships in Chicago, students touted their majors, the campus facilities, and the Trinity community.

“As soon as I stepped onto this campus, I felt like I was a part of it,” Wisse said during her interview. “I’m part of the Trinity family. President Timmermans is a very active president. He’s frequently at student events and is a part of so many things on campus.”

Wisse also talked about the “great relationships” she enjoys with her roommates, her residence director, and her professors. “I feel very blessed by my professors. They get to know me and help me grow.”

B. Wigboldy N. Tameling H. Wisse