Sunday Snacks Provides More than Food

Sunday SnacksEvery week, Trinity’s Sunday Snacks volunteers come together on Sunday afternoons to stuff their backpacks full of homemade sack lunches. They pile into 12-passenger vans and head into Chicago, seeking out the homeless.

Sunday Snacks partners with Restoration Ministries to be the hands and feet of Christ. Student leader Alyssa Prasse ’16 of Algonquin, Illinois, explained that in their ventures downtown, she and her fellow students pack around 80 lunches and often come back with nothing left over.

Sunday Snacks seeks to go beyond providing physical comfort and also offers prayer for those who request it.

“I come back blessed every week,” Prasse said. “The men and women we help are often overlooked, and sometimes the simple act of remembering them, calling them by name, and knowing what they asked for in prayer last week can make them feel valued as humans.”

In upcoming weeks, Sunday Snacks will be supplying people with winter coats collected from the recent coat drive.

Sunday Snacks welcomes any Trinity student who feels called to serve on Sunday trips downtown.