Conference Brings Student Writing out of the Classroom

Ethan Holmes ’16 presents at StreamlinesEnglish major Ethan Holmes ’16 was chosen to represent Trinity at the competitive Streamlines Conference on November 9 at University of Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa.  The Streamlines Conference provides a place for undergrads to gather and share recent, high-quality academic or creative writing.

Holmes valued the exchange of ideas and growing experience that Streamlines provided.

“Having the opportunity to talk to professors about subjects both they and I were interested in and studied was a real blessing, a privilege,” Holmes said. “The students’ papers also set my mind in some directions that will end up being useful for me somewhere down the road.”

Holmes presented two papers, both originally submitted for Trinity English courses. The first argued that Hemingway wrote The Sun Also Rises paralleling the character relationships in the biblical story of Jacob and Esau. The second looks at Ralph Ellison’s use of color in Invisible Man and how he uses it as a rhetorical device for communicating his views on issues of race and color in the United States.

Holmes has also been involved with many Trinity-related writing opportunities, including presentations of poetry and academic projects at OPUS; publication in Openings, Trinity’s literary arts magazine; articles for Trinity’s student-led newspaper, The Courier; and presentations at the St. Francis Undergraduate Conference on English Language and Literature.