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On December 14, Trinity Christian College graduated the first class of master’s degree students.

Dennis Brumirski, April Grant, Michele Kintz, Paula Karll, Vincent Lucca, Daniel Matt, Laura Ridgley, Katherine, Sanavaitis, William Scott, and Barbara Wolterink are alumni of the inaugural cohort Master of Arts in Special Education program.

A number of the students are alumni of Trinity’s undergraduate and Adult Studies programs and were pleased to have the opportunity to continue their education here.

Paula Karll ’13 earned her teaching license at Trinity. “I had a great experience in the Adult Studies program, and I wanted to have the same positive experience, so I continued my education at Trinity.”

Bill Scott, another Adult Studies alum, said, “I felt very comfortable at this school where everybody is genuinely concerned for your success.”

Scott progressed from being a one-on-one aide to having a special education classroom of his own because of the master’s program. He is not alone. Nearly every member of the cohort who entered the program without a teaching position secured a full-time teaching position because of the experience and training they received in the year-and-a-half program.

“Classes became more than just instruction,” said Dennis Brumirski ’13. “On a week to week basis, we received instruction not just to pass the state tests, but we received information that helped us in the classroom immediately.”  

Professors in the program bring a collective 75+ years of special education experience to their courses.

“I have enjoyed the variety of teachers I have had,” said Barbara Wolterink ’13. “Every professor has been excellent and knowledgeable in their field of study. I learned so much in a year and a half.”

Dr. Patti Powell, director of the Master of Arts in Special Education program, also teaches in the program.

“The first year of Trinity’s master’s degree in special education has been one filled with talented students, dedicated faculty, challenging coursework, and thoughtful final research papers based on solid data,” said Powell.  “Our new graduates are committed to helping each child they teach reach their full potential.”

Trinity will graduate the first cohort of the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology program in May 2014. Information on the Graduate Studies programs can be found at or by calling the Graduate Studies office at 708.239.3900.