Black History Celebration – Preserving a Culture

Noel Huddleston ’17 - MLK CelebrationMore than 100 students and faculty attended the 2nd Annual Black History Celebration on February 28 for a night of food, fellowship, entertainment, and education. The event is hosted by Trinity’s Organization of African American Unity (OAAU).

Guests enjoyed a meal in the Grand Lobby during musical and acting performances and also learned about the history and preservation of African American culture.

Jason Perry, pastor of Living Springs Community Church, was the guest speaker for the evening and focused on the idea of a “post racial society.”

“He successfully reached every member of the audience when he described his ideas on how each person can strive to eliminate prejudice,” said OAAU President Noel Huddleston ’17. “His story was a powerful example of prayer in determination through struggle.”

The OAAU was founded in 1992 and currently operates under the leadership of Huddleston and Vice President Kylla Pate ’17.

“We seize the opportunity to reinvent the group in the eyes of the Trinity community, as one that is ascending to bigger and better things in the future,” Huddleston said.

Huddleston was hopeful that the Black History Celebration inspired all attendees. “All of the participants in the program did an amazing job,” she said. “God really brought it all together.”