U.S. Ambassador to South Sudan Visits Trinity - Photogallery

Susan D. Page - U.S. Ambassador to South SudanTrinity was honored Tuesday to welcome the U.S. Ambassador for South Sudan Susan D. Page.

Page, a Harvard-trained lawyer, spoke to students, faculty, staff, and community leaders about the recent conflicts in the young country of South Sudan, its original secession from Sudan in 2011, and her personal and professional experiences as an ambassador.

The country gained its independence from Sudan in July of 2011 but has suffered civil strife since fighting broke out in December of last year between government troops and rebels. The conflict has cost the lives of thousands and displaced nearly a million people.

Page, a graduate of Homewood-Flossmoor High School, shared her experiences serving in South Sudan, playing a part in negotiations, and telling stories of the country’s people.

“There are still good stories that aren’t being heard,” said Page, “stories of the youth going out and preaching messages of peace.”

“We were privileged to host Ambassador Page at Trinity, for her visit provided us insight into the internal violence confronting the new nation of South Sudan and the hope that she and others bring to the region,” said President Steven Timmermans, Ph.D.