Professor Named Chair of ISTA Membership Committee

Tom RooseDr. Thomas R. Roose, associate professor of physics and science education, was recently named chair of the membership committee for the Illinois Science Teachers Association (ISTA). Selected for his extensive science education experience, Roose will direct a team through promotion and collaboration projects for the ISTA.

According to the organization’s website, “the Illinois Science Teachers Association is committed to promoting excellence in science teaching and learning throughout Illinois.” The association has more than 1,000 members dedicated to the science education industry and supports members by holding conferences and workshops on science education.

Paul Ritter, president of ISTA, selected Roose for the position because of his dedication to and experience in the field of education. In addition to his role as professor at Trinity, Roose has taught science courses at Chicago Christian High School, summer programs at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, and a Saturday science enrichment program sponsored by the Associated Colleges of Illinois for underserved Chicago high school students.  

Roose’s new position will require him to perform a variety of new tasks. He will help the organization retain and recruit members, plan a yearly membership drive, research other programs in other states, and attend board meetings held by the ISTA.

The new role will give Roose a chance to discover new trends in science education and share his abilities with colleagues in his field.