Students Launch New Prayer Ministry

OutcryAfter a two-year incubation period, student leaders have officially established a new prayer ministry at Trinity. The ministry seeks to nurture spiritual relationships by allowing students to congregate in prayer before Outcry, the student-led worship held every Thursday night.

The Outcry team has always gathered to pray before leading the student body in worship. The vision for a student prayer ministry began in 2012 as team members discussed the possibility in weekly meetings. After searching for the Lord’s direction, several other students stepped forward, voicing their interest.

Student leaders Tanner Reklaitis ’17 of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and Sam Meyer ’16 of Villa Park, Illinois, felt prompted to head the ministry in its beginning stages. The Outcry team continued praying for the Lord’s blessing and brainstorming logistics, and by January 31, 2014, the prayer ministry was underway.

Senior Outcry leader Megan Anderson ’14 of Elgin, Illinois, played a large part in making the ministry a reality.

“As ministry leaders, it is our job to keep enabling and creating space for students to step up and take ownership of their faith journey,” she said, “We hope that by providing another intentional space to be in community, praying, and preparing their hearts to enter into worship right after, students will grow and encounter God in new ways.”

The ministry is made possible by past and current members of the Outcry team and other students who have dedicated their prayer and time to getting it off the ground. The ministry is open to all interested students and meets at 9:15 p.m. before Outcry. The session itself has no specific structure, but will be shaped by the needs of participating students.

The ministry seeks to bring the Trinity community closer and feed a spiritual hunger demonstrated by the students.

“Whatever God chooses to do through this ministry is up to him, after all, it is his ministry,” said Anderson. “But, I can’t help but just feel satisfied that we’ve all obeyed and it’s happening. All glory to God.”