Vander Velde Junior Scholars Named

LaserCollaborative research with professors benefits students by deepening their understanding of their area of study. Trinity’s Maurice Vander Velde Junior Scholarship supports outstanding junior or senior students in the pursuit of collaborative research in their chosen disciplines.

In May, five students were awarded the scholarship, which will enable each student to produce a scholarly project for publication or presentation and work alongside a professor as a colleague.


Congratulations to the 2014-15 Junior Scholars:

  • Susannah Strange’16  – with Dr. Aron Reppman ’92, professor of Philosophy – Relationality and Reason in Reformed Philosophy
  • Cassandra Nelson ’14 – with Dr. Mark Peters, professor of music – Chanting the Church Year: Theology and Practice
  • Joe Andringa ’15 – with Dr. Clay Carlson, assistant professor of biology -The Effects of Vitamin D on Breast Cancer Cells
  • Anna Bos ’15 and Jonathan Koonce ’15 – with Dr. Michael Bosscher, assistant professor of chemistry – Enhancing Lanthanide Binding Affinity and LRET of Proteins
  • Patrick Page ’14 – with Dr. Bob Boomsma, professor of biology – The Effects of Oxygen Levels, Serum Concentration, and Heat Inactivation on mRNA Expression of Paracrine Factors in Mesenchymal Stem Cells

“As a community committed to scholarship—not just as a group of autonomous scholars—the Vander Velde Junior Scholars award helps make possible collaborative research between faculty and students that strengthens and extends our communal concentration on God’s word and God’s world,” said Dr. Craig Mattson, director of the Honors Program.