'20-'21 Student Government Association Leaders Elected

Apr 28, 2020

The students have voted, and the elected members of the Student Government Association for the 2020-’21 academic year have been announced.

“We are excited to serve the student body!” said President Ross Barz ’21.

Executive Team:

  • President: Ross Barz
  • Executive Vice President: Karen Jegadish
  • Vice President of Administration: Ranita Luhur
  • Vice President of Communication: Kayle Lindberg

Senior Representatives:

  • Lexi VanRyn
  • Hannah Blom
  • Jacob McCleary
  • Kristi Hendricks

Junior Representatives:

  • Juliana VanGorp
  • Matthew Rietveld
  • Ariel Love
  • Sophia Wind

Sophomore Representatives:

  • Damon Pater
  • Nathan Rogalske
  • Nicole Wideman