OPUS Event Highlights Exceptional Student Scholarship - Photogallery


OPUS 2015 - View PhotogalleryFor more than a decade, Trinity has celebrated student scholarship with OPUS, an annual festival in which students present their best work from the past academic year. All students are encouraged to submit research papers, presentations, writing, art, and musical performances.

The festivities on April 21 began with the traditional opening parade, led by a student brass band and an appearance by the Troll mascot. The rest of the day was filled with presentations, entertainment, prizes, and a pig roast dinner.

For their presentations, students drew from academic work and experiences. Groups of students spoke about work in special courses such as Black Cinema and service in local organizations like Restoration Ministries. Other students presented on topics such as business consulting, scientific research, theology and practice, picture books, and more. 

Ben Hoekstra ’17 of Andover, Minnesota, presented on prayer and the digital age. “I was blown away by the opportunity to discuss my research and work with other students, particularly those outside my discipline, and with professors,” he said. “OPUS is such a unique and wonderful time, and it’s one of my favorite things that Trinity does.”

Amanda Grzeslo ’15 of Orland Park, Illinois, said, “There’s such a great energy to OPUS that it’s always a pleasure to present,” she said. “I’m always nervous when it comes to public speaking, so this fun and engaging atmosphere is a really great way to try to get over that fear.”

Winners of the musical, literary, oral interpretation, and art contests performed and read aloud during session times throughout the day.

In the evening, students enjoyed a raffle with amazing prizes – gift cards, Trinity gear, $150 tuition remissions, and much more. A full roasted pig and Hawaiian-themed dishes and desserts were served for dinner in the Dining Hall.

The day ended with the student-led Outcry worship service in the big tent. 


OPUS Committee

Ellen Browning, associate professor of art and design       

Mackenzie Cleary ’15 or Orland Park, IL                  

Mary Lynn Colosimo, professor of psychology

Karyn Jones ’17 of Florissant, MO

Mark Jones, professor of English

Jacqueline Moses, assistant professor of education

Jeff Nyhoff, associate professor of computer science

Patrick Page ’14 of Palos Park, IL

Pete Post ’74, associate professor of education

Ellie Sterenberg ’17 of Holland, MI

Maureen Sweeney, assistant professor of nursing

Trina Vallone ’99, associate professor of education

Michael Vander Weele ’73, professor of English

Donald Woo, dean for ethnic diversity and multicultural programs


Music Competition Winners

Instrumental solo

1st – Kate Meyrick

2nd – Katie Oomkes


Vocal solo

1st – Esther Sullivan

2nd – Kristen Folkertsma

3rd – Sierra Hernandez


Vocal ensemble

1st – Tre Davis and Dwante Jones

2nd – Kate Meyrick and Sierra Hernandez



1st – Hailey Ghiglia

2nd – Lacey Burie


Art and Design Winners

Graphic Design

1st – Alivia DeHaan, “Samekh”

2nd  – Ellie Sterenberg, “Phoenician Letter Pe”

3rd – Alexi Davis, “Summer”

Honorable Mention – Amy Ballance, “Cage the Elephant Event”

Honorable Mention – Kevin Synoga, “Cab Typeface”



1st – Cynthia Gliwa, “Chair”

2nd – Joshua Van Dyken, “Natural Abstraction Z”

3rd – Elizabeth VandeGriend, “Untitled”

Honorable Mention – Joshua VanDyken, “Earl”

Honorable Mention – Alivia DeHaan, “Day in the Life of Liv”



1st– Alivia DeHaan, “Everest: An Attempt to Get My Job Back”

2nd– Jaclyn Feddes, “One of a Kind”

3rd– Andrew Holmes, “Paper Sculpture #3”

Honorable Mention – Josh VanDyken, “Spoon Ring”

Honorable Mention – Elizabeth VandeGriend, “Home”


Drawing/Painting/Mixed Media

1st– Breanne Self, “5 Tone Still Life”

2nd– Hannah Dykstra, “Hand topography”

3rd– Andrew Holmes, “Spray Painting the #12”

Honorable Mention – Talia Strnad, “Apples and Oranges”

Honorable Mention – Yeonji Choi, “Silence”


BEST IN SHOW – Ellie Sterenberg, “Composition 1”


Literary Competition Winners


1st – Esther Sullivan, “Chrysalis” 

2nd – Anna Phillips, “When Utilities are a Real Thing” 

3rd – Sara Henreckson, “October” 



1st – Jaclyn Feddes, “Female Empowerment?”

2nd – Anna Phillips, “The Game” 

3rd – Jaclyn Feddes, “A Writer’s World” 



1st – Alex Kohrs, “Brian.” 

2nd – Kylla Pate, “Apocalypse” 

3rd – Jaclyn Feddes, “Forgive Me, Father” 


Oral Interpretation Winners

Original Oratory

1st – Esther Sullivan

2nd – Tara DeVries

3rd – Ethan Holmes


Prose Interpretation

1st – Callie Bunker

2nd – Olivia Winkowitch


Dramatic Interpretation

1st – William Doyle and Cait Williams

2nd – Esther Sullivan

3rd – Olivia Winkowitch


Poetry Interpretation

1st – Esther Sullivan

2nd – Kylla Plate

3rd – Ethan Holmes