WorldView Series: Presidential Insights - Photogallery

Oct 08, 2015

Kurt Dykstra speaking at WorldViewThe WorldView 2015 series kicked off with a personal and lively message from Trinity Christian College’s newly-appointed president, Kurt. D. Dykstra. Dykstra began with a fascinating personal bio in which he spoke of the dynamic past that has led him to this position. What began as a career in ministry quickly turned to a career in law and politics. Most recently, Dykstra served as the mayor of the city of Holland, Michigan before accepting the role of President here at Trinity. “We are just so incredibly honored and thrilled to be a part of this family,” he stated.

Dykstra went on to speak deeply about vocation and the role that Trinity plays in the lives of its students. Contrasting Trinity to DuPont University, the fictional school in Tom Wolfe’s novel I am Charlotte Simmons, he emphasized the importance of looking beyond what we believe is best to seeing what’s best for the kingdom of God. “[Trinity] has a special obligation to lead the way, to fill the gap, to brace the culture; and we’re doing that.”

Dykstra will be inaugurated as the eighth President of Trinity Christian College on November 6, 2015, and looks forward to helping students, alongside the faculty and staff, discover what their bright futures hold.  The Trinity community extends a warm welcome to him, his wife Leah, and their two daughters Juliana and Emma-Elisabeth.