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Written By Rachel Townsend, ‘16

For Trinity Business Network’s latest event, the College welcomed Varner, who offered “A Look Inside the Golden Arches.”…

Posted by Trinity Christian College on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We all know McDonald’s. Whether we eat their food or see the golden arches, we feel the presence of more than 14,000 U.S. restaurants all around us. However, we never see what occurs behind the scenes, such as how the company values its customers and protects their privacy. Above all else, though, McDonald’s focuses on securing its brand, according to Marc Varner, Corporate Vice President and Global CISO of Global Technology Risk Management for McDonald’s Corp.

For Trinity Business Network’s latest event, the College welcomed Varner, who offered “A Look Inside the Golden Arches.” With spirit and knowledge, Varner detailed what it is like to work for the sixth largest brand in the world.

As a business, making money is important. However, Varner stressed a new outlook on this model when he told the audience, “You need to do so responsibly, and have a moral code.” So the company focuses on protecting its brand and valuing character, principle, consistency, and transparency.

The company’s customer database, a “treasure trove to all enemies out there,” does not keep personal information, according to Varner, whose daughter Meghan is a junior at Trinity Christian College. Once a transaction clears, the information is dumped and franchisees and those in corporate headquarters forget its existence. In an age where marketing departments try to delve deeply into the smallest detail of its customers’ lives, why does McDonald’s take this approach? As Varner explains, “The morally right thing to do tends to be the good business thing to do.” It should come as no surprise then why the company serves 69 million customers a day.

Most important, Varner believes that Christianity can exist in the business world. Following Christ’s teachings and leading by example in his business dealings “makes my life easy.”

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