A Celebration of Christian Scholarship—OPUS 2016 – Photo Gallery


–By Casey Huisenga ’18 and Rachel Townsend ’16

This year’s annual OPUS festival, a celebration of Christian scholarship, united the campus community on April 12. Throughout the day, students shared their work from the past year. Different perspectives were highlighted, including English, Art, Psychology, and Nursing.

“At OPUS, you can experience what students are up to in disciplines ranging from art to acting, biology to business, mathematics to music, and many more,” said Dr. Mark Jones, professor of English and OPUS chair.

Students were encouraged to share presentations, research papers, artwork, writing samples, and music performances, creative pieces displaying talent and hard work. Specific topics revolved around the sensations of autism, Shakespeare’s minor characters, and women’s health.

The day’s festivities began with the traditional parade and included numerous presentations held around campus. Students and faculty snacked on popcorn and cotton candy, purchased OPUS themed t-shirts, and received tickets for the annual raffle. A full roasted pig and Hawaiian-themed food and dessert were served for dinner in the Dining Hall. To close out the day, winners for the musical, literary, oral, and art competitions were recognized. Students enjoyed choosing raffle prizes, which included Trinity gear, gift cards, $150 tuition exemptions, and much more. Dr. Derrick Hassert, professor of psychology, and his ventriloquist dummy announced the prizes.

OPUS Committee

Prof. John Bakker
Dr. Mary Lynn Colosimo
Pierce Cruz ’17
Kacie DeKleine ’18
Prof. Sarah Gouwens
Karyn Jones ’16
Dr. Mark Jones (Chair)
Dr. Deb Majewski
Dr. Jeff Nyhoff
Dr. Mark Peters
Dr. Pete Post
Prof. Janna Schemper
Ellie Sterenberg ’16
Kara Van Marion
Christianna Vandekamp ‘16


Communication Arts Oral Interpretation Winners

Original Oratory

1st — Esther Sullivan
2nd — Jerry Sanchez
3rd — Jordan Ghiglia

Dramatic Interpretation

1st — Esther Sullivan
2nd — Jerry Sanchez
3rd — Megan Hanafee-Major & Billy Doyle

Prose Interpretation

1st — Jerry Sanchez
2nd — Megan Hanafee-Major
3rd — Kelsie Thornell

Poetry Interpretation

1st — Soraya Limon
2nd — Kylla Pate
3rd — Esther Sullivan


English Literary Competition Winners


1st – Esther Sullivan, “Now I See Dimly”
2nd – Kylla Pate, “B-Minor”
3rd – Esther Sullivan, “Child”
Honorable Mention — Cynthia Gliwa


1st – Kristen Speelman, “Finding My Calling”
2nd – Esther Sullivan, “Philosophy of Literature Position Paper”
3rd – Kate Meyrick, “What I wrote on wrought-iron bench at the Art Institute of Chicago”
Honorable Mention – Kylla Pate, “Serving Others”
Honorable Mention—Brianna Thier, “Why the Articles of Confederation Failed”


1st — Benjamin Hoekstra, “Rescued from the Prince”
2nd – Esther Sullivan, “Dawn: A Play in One Act”
3rd – Benjamin Lashar, “The Brothers’ Heist”

Music Competition Winners

Vocal Ensemble

1st – Lauren Baker, Kari Folkertsma, Cara Horstman

Keyboard Solo

1st – Hyeonji Ko, piano
2nd – Lacey Burie, piano

Instrumental Solo

1st – Ebenezer Munoz, guitar
2nd – Kate Meyrick, flute
3rd – Matthew Meyrick, guitar

Vocal Solo

1st – Danielle Dougherty, soprano, Dr. Lisa Kristina, piano
2nd – Kelsie Thornell, soprano, Candace Peters, piano


Art and Design Winners

Graphic Design

1st — Keegan Van Maanen, “Trinopoly”
2nd — Kacie DeKleine, “Next Step”
3rd — Kacie DeKleine, “Yosemite”
Honorable Mention — Cynthia Gliwa, “Taste of Asia”
Honorable Mention — Keegan Van Maanen, “Drone”


1st — Keegan Van Maanen, “untitled”
2nd — Kacie Pruiksma, “The Everyday”
3rd — Cynthia Gliwa, “Brushin’ Up”


1st — Andrew Holmes, “Lamp”
2nd — Jacob Boglio, “Mediocre rises”
3rd — Leah Smit, “Popped”

Drawing/Painting/Mixed Media

1st — Cynthia Gliwa, “How do you like your oranges?”
2nd — Andrea Sanchez, “Meet the Goesels”
3rd — Eunjee Chang, “#1”
Honorable Mention — Jacob Boglio, “Jacob’s Gesture”
Honorable Mention — Pierce Cruz, “Gonzalez”
Honorable Mention — James DeVries, “Uncertainty”
Honorable Mention — Alex Lauriano, “Someday the Almighty”
Honorable Mention — Marie Sonnenburg, “Lost in Thought”

Best In Show (Drawing/Painting/Mixed Media)

Elizabeth VandeGriend, “Repetition: Fourth Edit”