Working Wisely—Lessons from Trinity’s 58th Annual Convocation


For many people, work and studies are often characterized with a sense of burden. But there can be a spirit of joyfulness around our work, as Professor of the Year John S. Sebestyen, Ph.D., told those at Trinity’s 58th Annual Convocation. “What if we didn’t define work as the opposite of play?” he asked.

Wednesday’s convocation took place on the first day of classes for the 2016-17 academic year, welcoming back students, faculty, and staff with a worshipful beginning.

Sebestyen quoted James 3, which urges the wise and understanding to show works by their good lives. Sebestyen suggested three ways to work wisely:

1)    Listening
2)    Understanding
3)    Acting

“There are plenty of opportunities to put these things into place,” he said.

The convocation began with the faculty procession, and Trinity President Kurt D. Dykstra, J.D., provided the welcome. Molly Hofman ’18, campus ministry prayer leader, offered the pray of invocation, and Craig Mattson, Ph.D., professor of communication arts, and Roberto Josiah Rosario ’18, led the litany.

Provost Aaron Kuecker, Ph.D., Dean of Students Mark Hanna, and Student Association President Jordan Giglia ’17, gave the prayers of thanksgiving and procession.

Rev. Willis Van Groningen, Ph.D., Trinity’s chaplain, offered the closing remarks and benediction as the Trinity community embarked on the new semester.