Trinity Announces New Majors for Fall 2017

Trinity Christian College is excited to announce three new majors that will be available in Fall 2017: Health Communication, Art Therapy, and Human Resources Management.

Health Communication

The Health Comm major will prepare students for a role in designing messages regarding individual and public health. In the tradition of Trinity’s interdisciplinary liberal arts, Health Comm majors will take courses that span communication arts, nursing, physical education, and science. 

“The Health Comm major provides an excellent option for students who are interested in health care, but not necessarily in clinical work,” said Bethany Keeley-Jonker, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communication Arts. Keeley-Jonker said students who pursue a Health Comm major will have the opportunity to explore how our conceptions of health shape public policy decisions regarding food consumption, prescription drugs and other areas.

Art Therapy

Building on the strengths of Trinity’s Art and Psychology programs, the B.S. in Art Therapy degree emphasizes coursework in studio art and psychology. Art Therapy majors will complete their field education requirement in the Psychology Department, and their Capstone work in the Art Department.

Once the program begins, Trinity will be the only regional Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) school to offer a B.S. in Art Therapy.

HR Management

The HR Management degree will prepare students to become effective contributors to organizations and to effectively manage human resources from a strategic approach.

Along with gaining a holistic view of organizational functions through business coursework, HR Management majors will also learn to pay particular attention to human relationships within organizations and how to manage these within an ethical framework. Beginning in Fall 2017, HR Management will also be offered as a minor.