Trinity Spotlight: Physical Plant Department


–By Faith Lorenz ’17

Physical Plant Staff

Every time you enjoy just about any tangible thing on Trinity’s campus, it’s probably thanks to the hard work of the team in the Physical Plant department. They’re the men and women in charge of maintaining the buildings, the grounds, and the fleet vehicles, as well as setting up and taking down for Trinity events on-campus.

Though they often go about their jobs unobtrusively, Physical Plant staff interact with students through the student-worker program and by collaborating with the students hosting special events.

The Physical Plant staff loves taking care of Trinity’s beautiful campus. “The work we do enables students to live and learn on a campus that is clean and well maintained,” said Tim Timmons, director of Physical Plant.

Physical Plant staff works year-round to make sure everything runs smoothly and the campus maintains its well-manicured state. Members of the Physical Plant team include:

  • Steve Boeringa – Maintenance
  • Carol Bosma – Physical Plant Office Coordinator
  • Rich Czajkowski – Assistant Director of Physical Plant
  • Janet Kosmal – Facilities Coordinator
  • Will Olsen – Maintenance
  • Roger Neitzel – Maintenance
  • Rick Scanlan – Maintenance
  • Bob Schutt – Maintenance
  • Mark Smilde — Setup Coordinator/Utility
  • Tim Timmons — Director of Physical Plant

So when you return from winter break to paths and parking spaces cleared of snow, or from summer vacation to lusch green lawns, remember to thank the dedicated staff of the Physical Plant Department!