Athletics Department 2016 Fall Honor Roll

Feb 09, 2017

The Athletics Department Honor Roll recognizes student-athletes who excelled in the classroom for the semester. This academic acknowledgement is given to athletes who earned a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 for the semester, with High Honors going to those with at least a 3.75 GPA. For the 2016 fall semester a total of 100 athletes were named to the honor roll. Included in that number are 12 students-athletes who achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA for the semester.

“We continue to stress the importance of academic achievement,” said Bill Schepel, Trinity’s athletics director. “The fact that more than 40 percent of our student-athletes are on the honor roll indicates are strong commitment to high academic achievement and the diligent work the athletes put into their studies.”

In addition to those on the honor roll, an additional 64 athletes achieved at least a 3.0 GPA for the fall semester. Overall, nearly 70 percent of all the student-athletes are at or above that 3.0 mark. The overall combined fall semester grade point average for Trinity’s 238 athletes is 3.273.

Honor Roll for 2016 Fall Semester (min. 3.50 GPA)

Ryan BakkeFr.Men’s Volleyball
Cassidy BosselaarSr.Women’s Soccer
Ben BrinksJr.Men’s Basketball
Sarah BushrowFr.Women’s Volleyball
Nick CostaSr.Men’s Volleyball
Sam DeKrygerJr.Cross Country/Track and Field
Kayla DiemerSr.Women’s Soccer
Hope FathmanSo.Cross Country/Track and Field
Gabe FennemaSr.Men’s Soccer
Sarah FentonSo.Women’s Soccer
Tyler FortierJr.Baseball
Nick HeidingerJr.Cross Country/Track and Field
Aaron JohnsonJr.Men’s Basketball
Allie JohnsonFr.Women’s Soccer
Maribeth KarniaFr.Women’s Soccer
Lance LammersSr.Baseball
Steven MasseySo.Men’s Golf
Danielle OevermanJr.Women’s Volleyball
Josh OlsonFr.Men’s Basketball
Robert OostindieSo.Men’s Soccer
Azariah PargulskiJr.Men’s Soccer
Michaela RappaFr.Women’s Volleyball
Brandon RiemersmaFr.Baseball
Tori RivasJr.Women’s Soccer
Ricky RogersSr.Baseball
Sebastiaan RozendalSo.Men’s Soccer
Katelyn SenaJr.Softball
Lauren StokesJr.Women’s Basketball
Kyle VanderPlaatsSo.Cross Country/Track and Field
Tyler VanElstJr.Men’s Soccer
Cynthia VanVlietFr.Women’s Soccer
Case VanWingerdenFr.Men’s Soccer
Cody VelthuizenSr.Cross Country/Track and Field
Josh YorkFr.Baseball

High Honor Roll for 2016 Fall Semester (min. 3.75 GPA)

Samantha AndringaSr.Women’s Basketball
Katelyn BakerFr.Women’s Volleyball
Melanie BelstraSo.Women’s Volleyball
Elly BrummelSo.Women’s Soccer
Dylan BusscherFr.Men’s Soccer
Alex ClarkSr.Cross Country/Track and Field
Monica CzajkowskiSr.Cross Country/Track and Field
Jake DeRuiter*So.Men’s Soccer
Megan DeWeerdSo.Track and Field
Lindsey DykemaFr.Women’s Soccer
Tony Dykstra*Jr.Men’s Golf
Scott EbbelingSr.Men’s Golf
Nicole FaulknerFr.Women’s Soccer
Zach FitchJr.Men’s Basketball/Men’s Volleyball
Sarah GunnemanSo.Women’s Soccer
Daniel HermanSo.Men’s Soccer
Zack JonesSr.Baseball
Zach KirkilasSr.Men’s Volleyball
Abigail KleynSo.Women’s Soccer
Sarah KlioraJr.Track and Field
Kirsti KooikerFr.Softball
Chris KuyvenhovenSr.Men’s Soccer
Ally LeeFr.Track and Field
Martha MahtaniFr.Women’s Soccer
Tori Mantel*Sr.Women’s Volleyball
Chloe McRobbie*So.Softball
Dara MegyesiSo.Softball
Jared Mulder*Jr.Men’s Soccer
Miranda NikkelSo.Track and Field
Jessica OwenSo.Women’s Soccer
Chris PaepkeSr.Men’s Soccer
Emily PhillipsSr.Softball
Shaelyn PostmusFr.Women’s Soccer
Kailah PriceSo.Women’s Soccer
Alisson RamirezJr.Softball
Tanner ReklaitisSr.Baseball
Melinda RussellSo.Softball
Mauricio SalgadoSr.Men’s Soccer
Bob Schaaf*Fr.Men’s Golf
Tyler Schutt*Fr.Men’s Soccer
Katie ShoultaJr.Softball
Tyler SroczynkskiJr.Baseball
Courtney SullivanFr.Women’s Volleyball
Nicole SyversonSo.Cross Country/Track and Field
Austin TafoyaJr.Men’s Volleyball
Hannah ThielmannJr.Softball
Blake Timmer*Sr.Baseball
Ben TocilaSo.Men’s Volleyball
Molly ToepperSr.Women’s Basketball/Track and Field
Breanna ToppenFr.Women’s Basketball
Kendall TorenSr.Men’s Volleyball
Anna VanderWall*So.Women’s Soccer
Kyle VanKalkerJr.Baseball
Mikayla Van Laan*Fr.Cross Country/Track and Field
Dani Van LatenFr.Women’s Volleyball
Brantley Van OverloopFr.Cross Country/Track and Field
Rachel VerhageSr.Women’s Volleyball
Jim Vos*So.Men’s Golf
Jared WallaceSr.Men’s Golf
Daniel WaltersFr.Men’s Soccer
Celina WantaJr.Women’s Basketball
Erin Wessels*Sr.Track and Field
Jessica Wiersma*Jr.Track and Field
Carissa WisseFr.Women’s Basketball
Noah WoltersSo.Cross Country/Track and Field
Lexi ZambranoSo.Women’s Soccer

*indicates a 4.0 GPA