Recognizing Our Righteous Oaks

May 04, 2017

Trinity students who are academically gifted, intellectually curious, and deeply passionate can take part in the Honors Program. Honors Program students have the opportunity to delve into the areas that interest them most, including participating in a seminar of their choosing and conducting collaborative research with a professor in their discipline.

On May 3, members of the class of 2017 who participated in the Honors Program were recognized in the annual Righteous Oaks pinning ceremony:

  • Trevor DallaSanta
  • Valerie Jochems
  • Dyvon Melling
  • Kate Meyrick
  • Elizabeth Smits
  • Anna Spotts
  • Ellie Sterenberg
  • Kendall Toren
  • Heidi Triezenberg
  • Rachel Verhage
  • Erin Wessels
  • Olivia Winkowitsch
  • Mikayla Zuidema