“All My Sons” Proves a Success for Trinity’s Theatre Program: Photogallery

All My SonsTrinity Christian College’s fall production of Arthur Miller’s drama All My Sons was a tremendous success for the theatre program. Set in 1946, the play tells the story of the seemingly “All-American” Keller family, who end up living anything but a dream.

Three of the four November performances were sold-out shows. The play, known in American theatre culture for its intensity and realistic approach to life and ethics, made the audience’s appreciation for the play that much more meaningful, said actor Dan Thayer ’12 of Buchanan, Michigan.

“I heard an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this show from all of our audience members,” said Thayer, who played Joe Keller. “The audience appreciated the message of the show and the acting, as well.”

“The story seemed to really have a great impact on many people,” added Kristen Blok ’15 of Lynden, Washington, who played Ann Deever, the love interest of Joe Keller’s son Chris.

Thayer, who has been involved in numerous productions in his time at Trinity, said “All My Sons” stretched him into a role different than what he normally is cast as.

“There was a certain element of ‘bad guy’ that I had to play while, at the same time, not believing that I truly was the bad guy,” said Thayer. “I really enjoyed tackling such an intense and multi-faceted character that allowed for deep acting choices and a chance for me to grow as an actor and individual.”

Blok voiced similar feelings about her role.

“This drama was the most challenging production that I have ever been a part of,” she said. “There were so many emotions to be felt by each character, and playing a character that, essentially, experiences no redemption was something I’ve never done before. It was a great challenge.”


Cast and Crew

Director:  Dr. John Sebestyen, assistant professor of communication arts; theatre program director

Joe Keller:  Daniel Thayer ‘12, Buchanan, Michigan

Kate Keller:  Alyssa Guerrin ‘11, Holland, Michigan

Chris Keller:  Graeme Scott ‘13, Oakville, Ontario

Ann Deever:  Kristen Blok ‘15, Lynden, Washington

George Deever:  Chris DeWaard ‘15, Holland, Michigan

Dr. Jim Bayliss:  Adam Frankenfeld ‘15, Oskaloosa, Iowa

Sue Bayliss:  Shannon Smith ‘12, Portage, Michigan

Frank Lubey:  Hart Vander Ploeg ‘15, Frankfort, Illinois

Lydia Lubey:  Brooke Wigboldy ‘14, Tinley Park, Illinois


Stage Manager:  Karl Gesch ‘12, Cedar Grove, Wisconsin

Assistant Director:  Julie Wiltjer ‘12, Worth, Illinois

Production Assistant:  Bridget Earnshaw ‘12, Cedar Lake, Indiana

Technical Director:  Jake Szafranksi ’09

Director’s Assistant:  Heidi Sebestyen