National Conference Prepares Students for Diverse Leadership

Nikki Ferreria ’13 of Willowbrook, Illinois, and Dominique Evans ’14 of Glenwood, Illinois, traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, earlier this month to represent Trinity Christian College at the 2011 National Christian Multicultural Student Leadership Conference (NCMSLC).

NCMSLC, Inc. was founded in 2000 under the realization that conversations about issues impacting students of color in Christian higher education needed to be encouraged. The organization’s website says the main goal of the annual conference is “to empower student leaders to embrace cultural diversity” while encouraging them to think about inclusive leadership that honors contributions from all people.

Ferreria, a business major, and Evans, an English major, were chosen by the College’s Ethnic Diversity Committee to attend the November 3-6 conference. This year’s NCMSLC theme was “Mission Possible:  Global Leadership in the 21st Century.”

“The theme impacted me in a magnificent way because it reminded me that with God I am more than conqueror,” said Evans. “As students, we should remember that if we are on a mission for Christ, our vision is more than possible.”

The mentality of leading as a servant of Christ is something that Ferreria and Evans both felt challenged and encouraged by.

“NCMSLC prepared me to be a servant leader on Trinity’s campus,” Ferreria said. “As Christian leaders, we are called to lead with compassion that acts and advocates for those who are mistreated or misrepresented. Compassion and service go beyond feeling sorry about something by driving us to do something.”

The conference also provided Ferreria and Evans with the opportunity to meet students from college campuses across the nation with similar leadership goals. “It is very encouraging to be surrounded by such an open and friendly atmosphere,” said Ferreria. “It helped me get ideas to try on our campus.”

Both students returned ready to apply the knowledge and experience gained from the NCMSLC.

“Passion fuels my desire for success,” added Evans, “and since attending the conference, I can say that as a leader, I’ve developed a great passion for campus diversity. NCMSLC increased my drive to love others just as Christ loves the Church.”