Campus Celebrates King’s Call for Social Renewal

King Celebration“Thank you for those whose legacies give light to our journeys,” said President Steven Timmermans as he opened the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration in prayer.

The idea of the legacies of others shaping our journeys continued as faculty members provided insight into the beliefs, thoughts, and achievements of the people who influenced King. Figures such as Bishop Richard Allen and crusader Ida B. Wells helped form the leader’s mission, and eventual legacy, of faith-based social action.

Drs. David Brodnax, Sr. and Bob Rice, professors of history, provided the historical context for the African American tradition of religious protest and personal reflection on King’s speech “A Time to Break Silence,” delivered in 1969 when Dr. Rice was a sophomore in college. Bill Boerman-Cornell, assistant professor of education, and juniors Velvet Woods and Kristin Thomas, both of Chicago, read excerpts of King’s various letters and addresses.

Those gathered also viewed “A Portrait of Change,” a video and photo presentation created by Dave Jousma, A/V services coordinator.

In closing, Don Woo, assistant professor of education and director of ethnic diversity, reminded the Trinity community that shared moments such as celebrating someone like King help us gain strength and cause us to reflect on justice, love, and mercy as we have received it from the God we all serve.