Student Artwork on Display in Psychology Department

Keane PaintingThe psychology department is once again honoring the artistic abilities of its students with a selection of artwork from student Chelsea Keane ’10 of Sykesville, Maryland.

Keane’s painting, titled Something Fundamental, is on display in the psychology department located in Vander Velde Hall.

“The piece is such a simple piece but one that reminds me of the complexities and intricacies of life,” Keane said, recalling all of the work and detail that went into the painting. “When one views my piece, they may only see three basic forms, but to me there is so much work, effort, and craftsmanship that was woven into the piece that gives it flavor and life.”

The three everyday objects—a mug, an apple, and a paper bag—are each essential and share a sense of purpose. As Keane painted each item, though, it became evident that the objects built upon one another creating a sense of intimacy and reflection. Careful detail to the reflections of one object in another is what creates the sense that the other objects are there.

“It is through this sense of color reflection that creates sensitivity, compatibility, and dominance within the piece,” Keane said in her artist’s statement.

Keane’s Something Fundamental is the third student piece exhibited in the department with work by Jordan Voskuil ’08 and Esther Holwerda ’06 featured in the past.