30-Hour Famine Raises Awareness on Campus: Photogallery

30-Hour FamineThe annual 30-hour Famine event began on Wednesday, April 14, when Trinity students joined together to raise awareness of the problems facing developing areas in the world.Meeting in the Molenhouse Student Center, 144 students began the 30-hour fast.

“By fasting, we are attempting to understand what it is like to be hungry, though it barely compares to what people go through every day,” said junior Sarah Force of Trenton, Michigan, who led the event.

The focus this year was on clean water, acknowledging that many people in the world walk miles to collect water, most of which is unsanitary. The aim was to remind students of how blessed they are daily by the availability of clean water.

The 30-Hour Famine, sponsored largely by Acting on AIDS, received help from 12 different committees on campus, including Acting on AIDS, Brother 2 Brother, the Council for Exceptional Children, the Courier, Men’s Ministry, Trinprov, Outcry, Random Acts of Kindness, Res Life, Service Committee, Social Justice Chapter, and Women’s Ministry.
Together, the participants raised money to help support their sponsor children as well as a project with “charity: water,” a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

With tremendous support from students and committees, the fundraising event exceeded the goal of $1,020.