A Celebration of Asia: Photogallery

View PhotogalleryTrinity celebrated its diverse culture at the fourth annual Celebration of Asia on Tuesday, April 20. The event, hosted by the Asian American Alliance club, is designed to honor and acknowledge the different Asian cultures on campus.

Students, faculty, and their family members were served food representing various Asian countries including Japan, China, India, and Korea. The meal consisted of stir fry, kimchi, rice, curry chicken, General Tso’s chicken, and almond cookies.

Guests enjoyed performances by John Sianghio, professor of political science; Dr. Yudha Thianto, professor of theology; and HyoJin Moon ’10 of Dong Jak-gu, Korea, who offered a variety of Asian musical arrangements. Guest also participated in a number of Asian games, trivia questions, and the Filipino dance, Tinikling.

“Overall, the event went really well and the guests seemed to enjoy their time,” said Sharon Chun ’11 of Northbrook, Illinois, chair of the Multicultural Committee.

The goal and vision of the Asian American Alliance is to raise more awareness of the Asian culture on Trinity’s campus and promote diversity and acceptance, according to Nicole Ferreria ’13 of Willowbrook, Illinois.